Who we are

The Transparity Group is a team of trusted partners providing consulting services to small business in the areas of  Accounting, Finance, Tax, Human Resources, and IT. 

The most important characteristics of each of our partners is transparent communications and unparalleled integrity along with a deep knowledge of their chosen field. Each partner at the Transparity Group has gone through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they are qualified to provide the level of support and partnership you need.

We understand that one size does not fit all and we work by your side to find solutions that are just right for you and your business.

What we do

The Transparity Group provides guidance and support for your individual goals as well as your organization goals in the following ways:


  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Credit Processing
  • Financial Leadership
  • Financial Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Training Workshops


  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation

Why us?

Transparity Group partners have a proven track record of success and respect in their fields.  

Most importantly, each partner provides transparent communication and operates with unparalleled integrity.  They will partner with you to find the right solutions for your company and work side by side to help you implement them.